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We will guide you step by step, analyzing your case individually and personalized.

We are a consulting and recruitment company. We are your human resources agency, specializing in TN visa management aimed at companies looking for professional and technical workers.


Our Mission is to ensure that companies have sustained growth through our system of recruiting qualified staff through the management of TN-type visas.

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Individual and Personalized Cases


This visa was created in 1994 under the North American Agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the United States and is only for Mexicans and Canadians to facilitate temporary work between these countries.

The most important thing to qualify for a TN Visa is to have an offer of employment in the US. The TN work visa is a visa for professionals. The position offered in the US must be directly related to the professions

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  • Are you looking for technical or professional staff who have the appropriate labor certification for your needs?
  • Do you have low growth due to lack of staff or absenteeism?

JC CONSULTING & RECRUIMENT LLC specializes in TN visa management; we have the experience to help your company gets the right staff.

Contact us. We will work based on your personnel needs, we offer a personalized service, and we will make sure that your personnel arrives at your company.


  • Are you a self-sufficient person to migrate?
  • Are you a person willing to face new challenges?
  • Are you a worker looking for better wages?
  • Are you a father or mother looking for a better life for your family?

If any point describes you, we can help you find an employer, send your CV, and we will contact you to guide you through the entire process of this experience.


  • You must be of legal age
  • US regulations indicate that they could reimburse you for air costs at the end of your contract.
  • When applying for the visa, you must pay a fee of $190.00 to the American consulate.
  • You will not pay any fee to apply for work contracts.
  • Remember that we will guide you step by step until you reach your goal of working in the US.
  • Have a valid passport.

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We will contact you to guide you throughout the process of this experience

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